Stork with baby boy Christmas Ornament


This very unique ornament has a stork, which is popular in Poland because their fly route is between Poland and Egypt.  They build large round flat nests that you find dotting the countryside. It is of course the symbol of fertility here, and this stork is carrying a baby boy to expectant parents.  Highly detailed and filled with tradition and symbolism.  

Marek Morawski the lead ornament artist at P.W. Wiktoria in Łódz, Poland and original designer of the most famous Christmas ornaments in the world. Morawski perfects these timeless treasures using the centuries old methods of traditional glass blowing that Poland is famous for. His imagination is unparalleled. Every handmade ornament is glass blown and hand painted with amazing detail.

· 8"H X 5.5"W

· Glass blown

· Handmade and painted in Poland.

Perfect gift ideas for Christmas or any season! Decorate your life with All to Mary.

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