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The Story and History Behind the "Lorraine" style cross, designed to be the official cross of the Archconfraternity of the Holy Face. The Center of the cross depicts the face of Jesus on the Veil of Veronica, which is preserved in St. Peter's Basilica, displayed with the nails and spear tip used in the Crucifixion of Christ. Below the face are the Latin words, Vade Retro Satana, which means "Get thee behind me Satan" or Satan be gone! On the arms of the cross is the city of Tours and the date of 1876, which is the date of the formal approval by Pope Leo the 13th of the creation of the ArchConfraternity in Tours France. The INRI is above the face of the cross. The "Lorraine" style cross has a long history in France, and was chosen because of its symbolism of hope in times of trouble.

The reverse side of the cross has more words of the Devotion to the Holy Face. The Latin "Sit Nomen Domini Benededictum, a phrase said when one hears the name of the Lord being used in vain, which means "May the Name of the Lord be Praised". In the center of the cross is the monogram of Christ IHS, and on top of the monogram is the charism of the Devotion which is

"Reparation" which the devotion sets out to do by making reparation for the sins of Blasphemy and profanation of the Holy Days of obligation and Sundays. Below the monogram, is Pius IX

1847. Pius the ninth first recognized the devotion to the Holy Face, and 1847 was the last year of the revelations to Sr. Mary of St. Peter in Tours France. The picture below and the writings are taken directly (Photo) from the Archconfraternity Manuel.

Cross is 2.25" long by1.75" wide and weight is 11.5 G of silver

Chain is sold separately.

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