Fine China Figurine of Lady Markiza


This spectacular creation is crafted with the same technique perfected 250 years ago.  Totally hand crafted and painted.  The roses are hand made each time and applied.  My husband and I had the pleasure of watching the artists work on this lady and she is made to order only.  An elegant and graceful figure that seems to be in motion while still.  A work of fine European art!  Like a song performed so well that it brings tears to your eyes, so she also fits into that sentiment.  For those who would appreciate her, I had to bring her here and offer her to America. 


* 13"H X 8"W

  * 24kt gold accent

* Hand Made

* Made by Ćmielów Porcelana in Poland

Ćmielów has been creating the finest china porcelain since 1790, through border and country changes. Their passion for their craft lives on today.

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